Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Live USB booting - Ubuntu 11.04 was not made to do

   when I first tried to boot up Ubuntu 11.04 via a USB, using Unetbootin to create the USB boot, it took quite a long time to load nothing for around 15 minutes then generating random 1s and 0s. this apparently goes for any 11.04  based distro. I've confirmed the same issue in Linux mint 11 and Zorin OS 5 also. the only way i was able to boot and install Zorin OS was taking the "go to installation" directly so I had no idea if the operating system was for me(good thing it was though). The installation process of Zorin OS killed my flash drive(R.I.P.)

   well, here's a video of what happened when i tried to boot Linux mint 11 via USB:

Let My JRPGs go?

I haven't been stalking this games down like the other Nintendo fans but I have been waiting for Xenoblade since last year. it was confirmed a long time ago( about last year) according to the Nintendo power magazine. they had a page long article on it.  I don't know if it's still coming. I would love to play that game and it will be probably my 3rd Wii game I've bought (second to be skyward sword and 3rd is______).